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Hello, nice person.

I teach MAGICAL leadership stuff. truly

Look, there are a squillion books out there on leadership. And some courses, and they’re all probably good, some of them great. But, if you’re anything like me, you need to learn in an environment where you feel supported, safe, inspired. That’s my belief, and that’s how I have designed our programs.

I want you to feel so supported that you’re doing better than a teddy bear being given the biggest hug. I also want you to feel smart, confident, equipped to go apply the learning that day, or the next if you’re studying in the evening.


Heck ya, sign me up

Is this for me?

Good question. Let’s see….

  • Yes if you’re a leader, either new to leadership, or completely bamboozled by it.
  • Yes if you can free up around 4 hours a week to do the learning.
  • Yes if you can free up another 3 or so hours a week to apply the learning – really, we’re helping you do your job!
  • Yes if you want learning that is conveniently delivered 24/7.
  • Yes if you want access to ask questions, get guidance.
  • Yes if you want to become a leader that people want to follow.


What’s Next?

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What is my time commitment each week?

Approximately 4 hours learning time (including live sessions), and at least another 3 hours, preferably 6, applying the learning. The good thing is all the application activities are practical and should actually win you smiles and high fives in the work place. Truly.

Are you qualified to do this stuff?

Fair question and we think so. Jo does the facilitating and has over 15 years experience designing and running leadership learning programs. In addition she holds a Diploma of Positive Psychology and Well Being, and hold post grad qualifications in adult learning, leadership and change.

Will we make tons of friends on our course?

Maybe!  As long as you are as cool as we think you are, you will make so many friends you’ll be able to start your own Facebook. Seriously, all jokes aside, group support without the chore of group assignments is a great way to go and that’s the model we follow.

Why would I study with you?

Well… because  we think it’s the best designed, most  convenient and practical leadership program out there at the moment. You get results fast (providing you put the work in), and it’s science and research based, not just navel-gazing fluff!

What will it cost me?

It’s a one-off price of $595.00 inclusive of any taxes. That get’s you all the videoed learning and worksheets, 2 x live sessions a week for 7 weeks, a moderated closed learning group where you can ask questions and get support, and life time alumni group access.

So that’s the equivalent of 148 coffees, 27 visits to the movies (presuming ticket only – no popcorn or drinks for you…), or 9.5 tanks of petrol based on today’s petrol prices, for the knowledge, skills and confidence of a flourishing leader that people want to follow.