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Charging into 2020

See it, plan it, do it. Rock 2020!

What gets seen, gets done. What gets measured, gets done. What will your focus for 2020 be? I’m keen on goal setting or else how do you set your direction? How do you set your focus? It’s like buying a new car. You’re researching, you think you know the model you want. What happens? You start seeing more of that model car – they seem to be everywhere! And that’s because that’s where your focus is. You’re noticing different things to before because you have different priorities, interests. Same goes if you are focusing on all the bad news in the world…guess what you will see more of?

So, as you go into 2020, direct your attention to what will benefit you, what will progress you,what will help you thrive. I recommend focusing on the four below areas, giving EACH equal attention. We take our whole self to work, not just our ‘work self’, so we need to goal for our whole self.

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • relationships
  • career

Remember for each category to look at the WHAT you will do, WHY you will do it (this is so so important), SUCCESS – what does that look and feel like? What are some incremental measures that you can tick off along the way?

Go, plan, do it. You’ve got this!


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